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Greece, our lovely neighbors

This time the fair is located very close to us, Greece, our lovely neighbors.
Food Expo 2023 – Located in Athens, Greece from 18 March 2023 to 20 March 2023.
5 years running we have taken part in Food Expo Greece. This exhibition gives us high hopes of finding new customers as well as maintain a good relationship with current clients. Three days, passed by swiftly, but we believe that our target was met. We met many new people with the hopes of them, being our long-term partners. As traditions dictates, it wasn’t hard for the people to find us, with our larger than ever stand which was brighter than our competitors and of course our wonderful team.Watching the olive and orange trees on the 11 hour, trip back to Bulgaria was quite a journey I would say. Our next stop is Tuttofood in Milano, Italy. Write to you soon!