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TuttoFood Milano, Italy 8-11 May 2023

Another month, another fair crossed out. This time in Milano, Italy. With four exhibitions behind our back, we were prepared to meet again with key customers from Italy. Of course meeting new ones from all over the world is part of the plan as well. For four days we were engaging with different people and trying to promote our product by discussing every detail of our production process for both Sunflower Oil and peeled sunflower seeds (or as some call it sunflower meat).

I would say that each day was very successful by the amount of the deals we made for Sunflower Oil and Sunflower Seeds. Although the success at the fair, we weren’t so lucky with the weather in Milano. We couldn’t enjoy that lovely city at best because of the rain, but we still managed to taste the local cuisine. It lived up to our expectations.. Perfetto .
Sadly, everything good comes to an end and this was no exception. We had to pack our bags and fly back to Bulgaria in order to conclude the deals we made.
Our next and final exhibition for this year will be at Anuga, Cologne in October. The expectations are huge for this one as it is the biggest food fair in Europe for bakery ingredients and healthy ingredients. We are definitely looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!

While you wait for the next post, you can visit our website to learn more about us – who we are, what are aimed at and what we can do for your business. Also, you can review our range of packing of Sunflower oil and Sunflower Seeds. We will be expecting your emails and calls. You can check our contact details at our website – or send us your inquiry through our contact form.

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Greece, our lovely neighbors

This time the fair is located very close to us, Greece, our lovely neighbors.
Food Expo 2023 – Located in Athens, Greece from 18 March 2023 to 20 March 2023.
5 years running we have taken part in Food Expo Greece. This exhibition gives us high hopes of finding new customers as well as maintain a good relationship with current clients. Three days, passed by swiftly, but we believe that our target was met. We met many new people with the hopes of them, being our long-term partners. As traditions dictates, it wasn’t hard for the people to find us, with our larger than ever stand which was brighter than our competitors and of course our wonderful team.Watching the olive and orange trees on the 11 hour, trip back to Bulgaria was quite a journey I would say. Our next stop is Tuttofood in Milano, Italy. Write to you soon!

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Summer-ish in February

Gulfood, 20-24 February 2023

Another month, another fair, which Bonoil is attending in search of new customers and getting in touch with current ones. As the weather in Bulgaria is quite cold, in Dubai is Summer-ish /for us/, but the locals might even call it Spring. Dubai is an exotic place and you cannot deny it! Many of us wanted to be on this fair, but a few were chosen to go. With everything packed in and ready to go, our team can’t wait to land in the United Arab Emirates and be part of the Middle East culture for the next 7 days.

If you have some spare time and want to visit us, please come at – Za’abeel Hall 6, booth A48! We are there for the whole duration of the event.

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Second in a row, Food Ingredients Paris, 6-8 December 2022

Another month, another exhibition. This time our goal is to reach out to more potential sunflower kernels clients. The weather is colder than we remember it, but we will stay. Not as many days as last time, unfortunately. Food Ingredients Paris is a special fair for… how should I say it… food ingredients. This gives us hope that we can reach the exact people and business partners of the future in order to grow our businesses together. As the days go by, people were coming to our booth from all over the world – India, Poland, South Africa, England, Canada, China, USA, and even some locals came to say “Hi” and ask about our product. We just adore the diversity of these fairs. Lots and lots of new people or as we like to call them “potential customers”.

Our lovely stay in Paris came to an end. Tired of the long days and short nights, we packed our baggage, grabbed our precious notes and business contacts, and headed to the hotel for a good night‘s rest.

With smiles on our faces, while waiting to board the plane, we are already looking forward to the next exhibition – Gulfood in Dubai.

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One of many

October in France, SIAL Paris, 15-19 October 2022

Bonoil Ltd. decided to travel across the world in search of new clients and meetings with its current ones. We knew that this journey would take a lot of effort, but it was a step we had to make to keep developing our markets, business, and last, but not least, ourselves. It was risky, yet so exciting to go on this adventure again, after all these years of lockdown and inability to meet the people you communicate with every day in person.

Here we are, at SIAL Paris 2022!


Time flies so fast when you are busy. Sadly, five days weren’t enough to talk to everyone, but the job was done. We met many people such as customers, distributors and suppliers.

Now we are looking ahead to the next big fair we are going to attend – Food Ingredients, again in Paris.

See you soon, Paris!