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Bonoil at PLMA 2024: Showcasing Premium Sunflower Products

Bonoil is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming PLMA 2024 exhibition, taking place on May 28-29th. The PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) trade show is a prestigious event. It brings together retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to discover the latest innovations in private label products. This year’s exhibition promises to be a hub of inspiration and networking opportunities.

We invite you to visit us in Hall 8, Stand 8G35, where we will be showcasing our premium line of sunflower products. Bonoil produces high-quality sunflower oil and sunflower kernels to meet the highest standards of excellence. Our sunflower oil boasts purity and nutritional benefits. Our sunflower kernels offer a versatile and healthy addition to various culinary applications.

Join us to explore our products, discuss potential collaborations, and learn how Bonoil delivers superior quality and innovation in the sunflower industry. We look forward to connecting with you at PLMA 2024!

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Sunflower Sowing in Bulgaria: A Key Agricultural Activity

Explore the key role of sunflower sowing in Bulgaria’s agricultural landscape and its significant impact on the economy.

Sunflower sowing is a major agricultural activity in Bulgaria, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. It is one of the most important crops, and Bulgaria has gained a reputation as a top producer of sunflower seeds. With over 15 years in agriculture, Bonoil LTD is a leader in sunflower seed products. The family company cultivates 20,000 acres of private land, utilizing cutting-edge agricultural techniques to maximize both yield and quality.

Bonoil LTD integrates satellite-guided tractors for precise sunflower sowing, ensuring optimal depth and spacing. This method enhances resource efficiency by reducing water use and chemical inputs.

After sowing, Bonoil LTD prioritizes the care of sunflower crops to secure their growth. Regular pest and disease monitoring is vital, employing integrated pest management techniques favoring biological and organic controls. This approach reduces the environmental impact and ensures the safety of the seeds for consumption. Bonoil LTD’s commitment to sustainable farming and innovation has not only enhanced productivity but also contributed significantly to Bulgaria’s reputation as a top producer of sunflower seeds worldwide.

Harvesting of sunflowers starts at the end of August when the plants bow their heads, signaling that the seeds are ready for collection. Bonoil LTD uses combine harvesters equipped with specialized headers to efficiently gather the seeds and minimize loss. After harvesting, workers test and sort the sunflower seeds by quality. They send the best seeds to a dehulling factory and direct those with higher oil content to a sunflower oil refinery. This meticulous process ensures optimal use of each seed, demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

The sowing season is about more than just planting seeds; it’s about cultivating the future of Bulgaria’s sunflower industry. This industry is poised for expansion into new markets and the exploration of value-added products like biofuels and health foods.


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Discover Opportunities & Partnerships at FOOD EXPO 2024

Join us at FOOD EXPO to discover exciting opportunities to showcase our products in supermarkets and attract new customers! Discover our wide range of high-quality food products, perfect for stocking in supermarkets and appealing to a diverse customer base.

Moreover, discover the finest sunflower oil at the upcoming food expo! Our premium sunflower oil, extracted from high-quality sunflower seeds, ensures a pure and flavorful taste in your dishes. Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, our sunflower oil is ideal for cooking, baking, and salad dressings.

Furthermore, visit our booth to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. Together, we can introduce our products to a fresh audience and drive sales growth. We are thrilled to showcase our crunchy sunflower kernels at the trade show, offering a healthy and delicious option for snack enthusiasts. Packed with essential nutrients and great taste, our sunflower kernels are the perfect addition to your product lineup.

In addition, we will be unveiling our latest product innovations at the expo. These new offerings are designed to meet the evolving tastes and nutritional demands of today’s consumers. Whether you’re interested in expanding your product range or finding unique, high-quality items to offer your customers, our exhibition at FOOD EXPO is the ideal place to start. Let’s explore the possibilities and grow together in this dynamic industry, leveraging these opportunities to forge ahead into a successful future.

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Bonoil Shines at Gulfood 2024: Sunflower Delight in Dubai!

Discover sunflower excellence with Bonoil at Gulfood 2024, Dubai’s biggest food exhibition from February 19 to 23, 2024. Visit us at Stand Z5-H14, Hall Zabeel Plaza.

Gulfood 2024, a global food event, provides the stage for Bonoil, a premier producer of sunflower kernels and sunflower oil. Our stand highlights the exceptional quality and nutrition of our products.

Step into Bonoil’s radiant world at Stand Z5-H14 to experience our commitment to quality. Experience the full flavor of our sunflower oil and relish the delightful crunch of our sunflower kernel, highlighting our dedication to wholesome and nutritious options.

Join us at Gulfood 2024 from February 19 to 23, 2024, and experience the golden goodness of Bonoil’s offerings at Stand Z5-H14, Hall Zabeel Plaza. Let the pure and natural radiance of sunflower goodness light up your culinary adventure right in the heart of Dubai!

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Bonoil’s Grand Return to ANUGA 2023: A Harvest of Opportunities with Sunflower Oil and Kernels!

In the exciting world of food and drinks, Bonoil recently made a big splash at ANUGA 2023. The biggest food show in Europe. People got a chance to learn about Bonoil’s benefits and how it could help them grow in the sunflower oil and kernels business.

Bonoil, known for its top-quality sunflower products, invites attendees to explore its latest offerings at Hall 11.1 / Stand F063. Here, businesses had a great chance to chat with Bonoil’s team, explore the benefits of their sunflower oil and kernels, and explore ways to work together for mutual growth.

During ANUGA 2023, Bonoil exhibited its expertise in sunflower oil and kernels. Using advanced methods for oil and sustainable practices for getting sunflower kernels. This meant partners could benefit from the latest ideas in the sunflower industry.

Bonoil’s stand wasn’t just about showing off products. It was a place for valuable talks on how their high-quality sunflower oil and kernels could help different businesses grow. Whether you were a seller, buyer, or part of the industry, Bonoil was ready to explore working together to succeed in the sunflower world.

In the fast-paced world of food and drinks, partnerships are crucial for growth. Bonoil knew this and was excited to connect with others at ANUGA 2023. Therefor the show was a perfect chance for creating meaningful relationships in the sunflower oil and kernels business. Bonoil stood out, lighting up the way forward for the sunflower industry.